Toyota Hiace in L.A

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Just thought I would post this (Why not…)

I was at USC today, and saw this. (Another guy had noticed it too)
You know, when the corner of your eye catches something different?

This looked slightly odd. Turns out it is a Toyota Hiace, not sold in the US.
But it has Mexican plates.
It think it looks pretty nice. For what it is. A refreshingly simple design from Toyota.

Seems like our Mexican neighbors are getting a lot of cars we don’t get. I also saw both Peugeots and Renaults around L. A with Mexican plates in the past few years…

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  1. The Toyota Previa van is still made also. It is called the Estima and has been offered as a hybrid since 2001 in Japan. So sorry Chrysler but your claim of offering the first hybrid minivan is fake news, along with your claim that you invented the minivan.

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