2018 BMW X4

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I guess….
Although the X4 is based on the 3/X3 series, and the next 3 isn’t even out yet. The current one has only been out for 3 years.
Maybe they are so hungry for more and newer SUVs, the X series models are coming out first now.

From the looks of it, this will be the usual “all new looking the same” BMW design.

If you really want to see more of what’s “new” for the next X4, head over HERE for
all the spy pictures. 

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  1. The X4 is a hatchback of the current (released in 2010) X3, which is long in the tooth and will be released in a few weeks, latest at the Frankfurt !AA in September. And I guess for easing production the X4 will follow soon, just as the X6 did when the X5 was replaced, although again being younger than the regular SUV version. Anyway, as all new BMW look more or less exactly like the car they replace, few will notice anyway that there is a new version out of their car….

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