2018 Chinese Buick Regal sedan

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Just a few more pictures of the “more boring” sedan version of the next Regal.
The one we are not getting.
Which looks very, very conservative…

A strange yet gutsy move from GM. Choosing to send us the hatchback and wagon version instead of the sedan.
Since people are getting used to hatchbacks anyway, by buying SUVs, this could be a great move for Buick.
Offering something different.

I really wish them luck with the new Regal.

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  1. Out with Opel, in with the Chinese? I feel the Opel influence was critical in making Buick an interesting name. Will Opel's new owners continue to supply product to Buick?

  2. GM Canada doesn't offer the wagon in Canada, which is a STUPID decision, like almost every decision made by GM Canada, who is unable to see how many Outbacks and Volvos are sold here.

  3. I can't decide whether this is a good looking car, or something that will look like a hooptie in a few years. It straddles the line between being very bland, and being effortlessly attractive. These pictures aren't good.

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