2018 Fiat 500L

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Looks like it’s not dead yet.
A car that most of us in the US forgot it even existed.
I don’t ever see any advertising for this anywhere…

They gave it a new front, details, revised dashboard etc…

Which means it will be at least another couple of years before an all new one.
The small regular 500 is now 10 years old, so I gets Sergio figured he can get a few more years out of this one too.

Not sure if these changes will aver make it here. Since we still don’t have the small changes they gave the 500 a while ago…

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  1. I agree! There is just no follow up.
    I thought the 500X could be a great success. Since it looks really nice and is in a hot part of the market.
    And the 124 Convertible doesn't seem to sell.


  2. The 124 is the best Miata there ever was! Too bad it's never advertised.

    I can't wait to see the sales of the EcoSport (United States) compares to the 500X year for year after it's first 3 years on the market. I wouldn't want either, but the Ford may do better. It's pretty sad when a vehicle in the small CUV segment is doing poorly.

  3. How about bringing the Tipo, Punto or any other model to the USA instead of just the 500 line? I really don't understand how Marchionne is still the CEO of FCA. He basically killed Dodge, he is in the process of killing Chrysler and apparently Fiat is his next victim

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