2018 Karma Revero; the Karma is back!

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I think the Karma is still one of the best looking sedan ever. And now it is officially back from the dead.

Looking as good as ever.

-The new company claims that its reliability problems have been fixed. (we’ll see)
-The EV range is now a very useful 50 miles.
-It works pretty much like the Volt, where the 2.0 Liter engine is used as a generator for the batteries.
-The new “solar roof” just adds about 3 miles to the range when you park your car under the sun.
So it’s more of a sales gimmick. I wish they had the option to replace it with a proper panoramic sunroof.

The price is now $130 000.
Sure, that’s more than any (most?) of us here can afford. But it does compete with other super expensive cars like the BMW i8. Or the new Porsche Panamera Hybrid.
For this price, you get something really special and different with the Karma.

I am actually really glad to see it back.
I see very few of the “old” version around, but it is always a treat.

Head over HERE for the really cool video.

It’ll show you what to expect on delivery day when you actually order one.
And have it brought to you by truck right in front of your $5 million house.

You can also go HERE to dream and build your very own…

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  1. I saw the old one at CSULB days before the company announced bankruptcy. The company talked about the design of the car in my class, and got to see the car up close in person.

  2. If you ever sat in one, you would hate it. Feels like sitting in a Suburban that has been lowered to the ground minus any headroom.

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