2018 Rolls Royce Phantom

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 Looks like “more of the same” for the “all new” Rolls Royce Phantom.
Rolls used to actually be very different from one design to another. One the “good old days”.
But it looks like  BMW is pulling a BMW on Rolls. So the next generation Phantom will basically look the same current one.
Just like all other BMW designs…

We can’t see much of the new interior. ( On top)
I wouldn’t expect drastic changes either…

It makes you wonder who would ever actually get the new one.
Since it doesn’t stand out.
(Isn’t it the point of these cars in the first place???)

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  1. People who can afford super luxury sedans like this don't want drastic styling changes from generation to generation . A Rolls Royce stands out on its own just by being what it is.

  2. It looks terrible, inside and out. Looks like someone went back in time and took a car from the 80's and brought it back to the future. I don't care if I were a gazillionaire, I wouldn't buy one of these fugly things.

  3. I've always thought the Phantom looked like a fat pufferfish from the rear, and a massive HVAC unit from the front. They certainly have road presence because of their size. But I've never thought they look as expensive or as stately as the price would suggest.

  4. The difference between BMW never changing the styling and Rolls never changing it is this: BMW's have gotten boring & ugly on the outside; Rolls is quite distinguished with exemplary styling that's crisp–yet organic all at once. They are smart not to mess too much with a very good thing. Now if they can just bring BMW up to the level of it's own price tag!

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