2018 Subaru XV

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I remember a few people were asking about this car a while ago.
Called the XV overseas, and the Crosstrek here .
These pictures were sent to me by a reader (Thanks!).
They are part of the Australian official brochure.
So things might be slightly different in the US model. 
The car comes out June 23rd in Australia.
Not sure when it will be on sale over here…

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  1. these crosstreks have been a very good seller for Subaru since it's introduction 5 -6 years ago or so. Sure the styling might not be for everybody, but they do sell very well so that must mean people do like the looks of them and subaru has their excellent awd system to get people going anywhere, anytime. I read Subaru only recently bumped up the horsepower to 152 (from 148)….too bad they dont offer a real sport version with something not too crazy such as a wrx, but an extra 30 horsepower to say compete with a 180 HP honda crv or mazda 3 (2.5L).

  2. This is the "muscle car" of the "new normal" economy. Most young people just entering the labor market can barely afford one of these tiny suckers — and a Challenger, Charger, Camero or Mustang — with REAL "muscle" — is just way beyond their credit limit. And probably will be….forever.

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