2018 Hyundai i30 4 door coupe/hatchback/thingy

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 Hyundai will add a wagon version to the European i30 hatchback. (Just like the Golf Wagon)
But they are also working on this other hatchback version pictured above.
A fastback with a hatch. Not sure why .
Since this might end up looking a lot like the Ioniq.

but I guess, why not.
We are getting the “regular” i30 over here as the 2018 Elantra GT.
Not sure if the fastback version will follow…

Here is the US version of the Elantra GT.
I must say, a nice looking hatchback. Especially from that angle.
(That big front chrome grille is really unnecessary…)

It is more stylish than a Golf, and you can get stuff like a double sunroof, leather, high end stereo etc…
Things you cannot get in the US Golf.

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  1. I like the look of US version of the Elantra GT Hatchback.But it to small for my needs. A compact size or even midsize version would be to my liking!

  2. The Elantra IS compact–actually didn't check but Feds might have it classified as a midsize. Accent is subcompact.

    Drove the present generation Elantra GT as a rental last month and liked it a lot. Think the upcoming version will be the best looking Hyundai.

  3. Maybe they will call it the Hyundai Elantra Gran Coupe, or GC for short. BMW already set the stage for that…lol.

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