2018 Tesla Model 3

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The top picture shows the body of the final car.
The bottom one is the prototype we all saw a few months ago.
The one Tesla said was not the final design.

They both look exactly the same to me. The trunk opening was not enlarged or redesigned, like they said it would.
I am not saying it doesn’t look good. It does. It is exactly like a smaller Model S.
Which is good. And bad… (what is so wrong with a new design after 6 years?)

They still claim the first deliveries will be done in July. But only to employees that are on the long waiting list.
It will take over 2 years to fill out all other current orders.
Which is, forever.

The competition is not standing still. And they have the capacity to meet demand. Quickly.

Good luck…

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  1. This pig says buy this car! Takes orders, then says he can't build it until they raise 1.2Billion more $$
    Everything here is smoke and mirrors at its finest. Then he fired his chief assembly man cause he wants to take short cuts in the trial runs on the line. This company will not exist in 5 years

  2. The competition doesn't necessarily have the capacity.
    LG Chem are contracted to build 30,000 Bolt batteries per year.

    Nissan/Renault build more electrics than Tesla, but their cars have tiny batteries and no range, so they probably couldn't build 200-mile EVs in big numbers either.

  3. weak structure, you can clearly see that the torsional rigidity and bending stiffness will not be up to par.

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