2018 Toyota Supra

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Not sure.
But it does look like that concept they showed us a couple of years ago.

I actually really liked the older Supra models. Back when they were just “a 6 cylinder Celica”.
The later ones just became too sporty and expensive. But I guess I’m in the minority, since that car seems to have accumulated quite a following over the years.
So the next one will probably be super sporty. And quite expensive!

Since it will be sharing a platform with the next BMW Z4 (Or whatever they decide to call it, which, apparently, won’t be “Z5”)

Still, it’s great to see Toyota put out fun cars out there.
Now if they could only come up with an affordable one….

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  1. The 86/BRZ is indeed a disappointment in that it doesn't feature the power buyers expected.

    But I disagree that the design is a failure.

    Remember that the car sells in the mid- to upper $20's. The handling, extremely low center of gravity and rear wheel drive performance are amazing at this price point. Yes, one can look at a Mustang or Camaro for more power. But comparing models – at this price point – they don't necessarily provide more fun or superior driving dynamics.

    Vince: Why are you comparing the new Supra to a car that came out 30 years ago? The only thing they share is the name. Their marketing direction and target buyer demographic are obviously very different.

    Maybe Toyota should have chosen a different name this time.

  2. I agree about the 86/BRZ being a really good car.
    A friend of mine has one and loves it.

    But I don't agree a sports car doesn't have to look great just because it is affordable.
    A great design does not cost more. Imagine this car designed by an Italian designer.
    (like the Impulse was years ago…)

    And the 86/BRZ interior is still, in my opinion, one of the worst interior design ever.
    It is just too bad since the car itself is so good…

    I do agree about the different name for the Supra. I also wonder how expensive it will become.

    But there is hope for more affordable fun cars from Toyota, since they've recently mentioned aa possible new MR2…

  3. The new Supra is the size of the Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ! Much to small for me to consider even look at it for purchase!

  4. The BRZ is not attractive and underperforms.

    Regarding the Supra, it will all boil down to the pricing. If it's a $60k car, then it'll sell at first, then taper off. If it's a $40-50k car, then enthusiasts will be lined up around the block to buy it.

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