Cadillac Super Cruise testing

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Yes, we know everyone is testing some kind of self driving technology these days.

I am actually not interested in a self driving car, at all.
I think this will be like “3D TVs”. Or “Curved LED screens”.
Something not many people will actually want…

Who will want it is Uber and Lyft, of course. Since this will cut the drivers out of the equation.
And their clients too. No fear of the weird stranger behind the wheel.
It’ll be like “Total recall”.

Cadillac calls their system the “Super Cruise”. Kind of charming and old timey.
For those interested, you can read about it HERE.
They even have an official site about it.

Funny they are testing it the XTS when it is supposed to be available own the CT6…

Thanks to a cool reader for the picture!

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  1. Vince – You're showing your age.

    A recent study said 68% of those polled – those under age 25 – felt that a transition to driverless cars was a logical next step. They feel the same way about this as they would about any other technology.

    The remainder of those polled – all over age 25 – said that they didn't think they would ever want to have a driverless car (and that they would be afraid to ride in one).

    Moral of this story: BIG age gap here. Driverless cars are coming. And they will become part of our everyday experience. It's inevitable.

    Comparing this to 3-D television or curved screens is apples and oranges. There is no relationship.

  2. I think many older folks will welcome driverless cars also to get them around when things like eyesight and reflexes are not as sharp as they once were.

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