Lexus kills the Ct200h

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Well, of course they are.
They want us buying small SUVs. With much larger profit margins.

In 2015, they sold almost 15 000 of them (almost 18 000 the year before)
In 2016, sales went down to 8903.
Of course. Since they have been selling it since April 2011. With almost no changes.
It was based on the previous generation of the Prius.
But there is no Lexus version of the current Prius. So this is basically a 6 year old model.
It’s perfectly normal for a 6 year old model to sell less.

Lexus will just claim people didn’t want it. the usual thing. Car makers just don’t redesign cars forever and then claim these models are not popular.
They sold only 5514 unis of the LS last year. But that car is getting a redesign.
They are not killing the RC coupe either with only 11 165 sold in 2016.

The Ct will be replaced by a small SUV. Probably based on the new Toyota C-HR. So imagine the profit margin on that one…

It’s too bad. I actually kind of like the CT. And there seem to be plenty of them in the streets where I live. ( I just saw two this morning)

If you want to find out more about the CT, before go away forever.
I mean, you can lease one for $249 a month. That’s a car that is almost $33 000.

A really good deal if you like the car…

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  1. Won't be missing that overpriced slow inefficient pile of disappointing junk. Lexus needs to stick to its core market of rebadging Camrys and selling them to people who don't want Buicks.

  2. That thing was fugly from day one. It lasted way more that it should have. Good thing they decided to kill that atrocity.

  3. I'm saddened by this as this was a great vehicle compared to the HS200h. Stupid name and horrible gas mileage for what it was.

  4. Lexus with it polarizing front end language is still going strong until a month or two ago! I like Lexus interiors but since they change to the new spindle grill, I lost interest in the brand.

  5. No big surprise there. I've never seen one anywhere (except sitting on a Lexus lot with a big discount on the hood.) If they rode as rough as a prius then I'm not surprised that nobody was willing to fork over $30k+ to have their insides jiggled apart at 70 MPH. That plus the fact that the larger (and vastly superior in every way) Lincoln MKZ Hybrid was only $2k more– pretty much sealed the fate of the overpriced (for what it was) Lexus.

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