More Saab Zombies from NEVS in China

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 I must say, this is not too bad looking, considering the age of that original sedan design. (in came out in 1998!)
As I reported earlier, it is now an EV.
Which couldn’t be more fitting for a car that could actually be compared with the Frankenstein monster. (The monster was also powered by electricity)

The wagon looks quite nice.
I always liked the last 9-3 wagon design. ( I even test drove one a few years ago and it was an excellent car)
So an EV version of it still makes sense these days.

NEVS claims over 180 miles on a charge.
These are numbers for the Chinese market. Which would translate in maybe 140 in the US.
Which isn’t great.

I do think that wagon with 250 miles range could find a place in the market.
Maybe the next version, next year.

To celebrate the sedan design’s 20th anniversary?

Or a “Walking dead” special edition?

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  1. You are correct sir.
    The second generation came out in March 2002.
    I guess I got it confused with the first generation.

    Which means we'll have to wait a few more years for the 20th anniversary….

  2. Chinese copycat car manufacturers are really making attractive vehicles using copying a German luxury vehicle. I have not seen "any" Japanese luxury vehicles copy at all! You can take it for whatever you want to read into that!

  3. Why can't NEVS label this as a SAAB and bring the brand back it's glory. Geely is making Volvo's in China, so I guess why not make SAABs in China?

  4. SAAB Group a defense contractor owns the SAAB name. I guess they don't want to be associated with an albatross.

  5. I don't know why they don't just use the Sedan's bumper on both cars. The new bulky roof rails on the wagon, coupled with the vertical lighting treatment on the front fascia makes the car look incredibly tall/narrow.

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