Mystery car: What is this???

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This was sent to me by a reader.

All I know is that it was taken very recently, in the US.
It could be a number of things.

It doesn’t look German. But does like a FWD based SUV.
And it’s not that covered up.

Next Toyota Highlander?
Next Nissan Pathfinder?
That upcoming Honda 5 Seater SUV (Passport)?
Mazda CX-8? (Testing in the US?)
The upcoming 7 seater Lexus SUV?
Next Hyundai Santa Fe?

Somehow it does look familiar….
(That rear side window looks a bit like the previous CX-9)

Do the wheels give it away? (I am not a wheel freak/specialist…)
Is it something already out and I’m too much of a dummy to recognize it?

What do you think???

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  1. Yeah, it's gotta be a Booick. It's got that excessively fast A-pillar with which the target buyer smashes their head of the door opening in the name of visual sleekness.

  2. I'd go for Mazda CX-8 as well, greenhouse seems to match the previously released teaser showing the interior. exterior wise, eitehr a Mazda (though not really their super latest design language, or as said, a Buick, but generally I lean more to the CX8

  3. I think it's the Chevrolet Blazer that will be coming out to fit between the Equinox and Traverse

  4. New Pathfinder here this fall. 20% fuel economy improvement and 21% better torsional rigidity as well as Infiniti like interiors and a 5% price drop. Get ready.

  5. I saw a redesigned Buick Enclave here in Pittsburgh last week that was still in camo. The driver appeared to be going to the Pens-Caps playoff game. Not sure why it was still in camo when it's already debuted on the auto show circuit.

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