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So far this is our best view of the interior of the new Tesla Model3
And it is really, really simple.

Compared to the ‘concept’ from last year, the only difference seems to be wood trim.
I remember Lincoln doing that on the old Lincoln Mark VIII interior. When people complained the interior was just not warm enough. They just added wood trim the following year..Same with the last Buick Riviera.

Wood trim is a cheap and quick way to warm up in interior, without real redesigning anything.
In the case of the Model 3, I wonder if that’s enough.

I mean some of these cars will cost over $50 000.
And when compared to new interiors from Volvo, for instance, this is way behind….

( I guess that’s why Tesla did hire the Volvo interior designer last year)

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  1. I do appreciate simplicity but I absolutely dislike that humongous stupid screen in the middle (assuming it stays).

    The only thing I think is cool with the wood trim is that the piece looks very very simple to manufacture, which means that if I find some long chunk of very nice beautiful wood (instead of that ugly thing pictured here) I can easily fashion and install it to have something sexy and unique in there.

  2. Take a plank of wood. Paint it. Then stick an I pad in the centre. Sweet design. From a 4 year old. Musk musk musk

  3. Perhaps some nice strips of bamboo wood instead of the pine might make a nice alternative.
    I do like the simplicity zen feel to the interior but wonder of the screen will become a distraction or not.Will screen proctors be options to evade onlookers of privacy concerns?

  4. I think it's cool that Tesla isn't following the herd in terms of interior design. It's certainly the only American brand that has anything remotely like a "design philosophy."

    Lots of people will hate this look, but that's OK because others will find it clean and refreshing.

  5. I like simplicity but this is way too simple. My current lease will end in early 2019 and I was thinking about getting one of these, if that is the final interior design I might not even consider it anymore. I know they are totally different cars but now I'm more inclined to the new Volvo XC60.

  6. omg… I think this is hideous… looks like a stupid BOSE entertainment room at Best Buy…. If you leave your kid unattended inside for too long they might grab onto the screen and rip it straight off…

    very pathetic and sad. Who ok'd this, and were they possibly drunk at the time?

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