Tesla Model 3 on the road.

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Looking exactly like the prototypes were saw last year.
(Even though Elon Musk claimed there would be some design changes.)

It also looks almost exactly like the model S, only smaller. I guess using only one sedan design is good enough for Audi. BMW and Mercedes.Why not…

It is still a bit sad, since we could have had something much more exciting and original.

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  1. Model 3 looks better then the one introduced. Very attractive the sleek side profile and seems to be the right size too! All the others are just super small and frugley!

    I not on the list but that good becuase those who are in line will be the beta testers!

  2. Vince – Tesla does not have the cash available to create different designs for different models.

    That would be extremely expensive. It's not gonna happen.

  3. Since the Model S is one of the most beautiful cars of today, I am quite happy the Model 3 looks similar. I sold my 2014 Model S and awaiting my Model 3 hopefully by the end of this year!!!

  4. So you're not driving until the end of the year?
    You also know it'll take tesla at least 2 years to fill out these pre-orders?

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