VW Golf Wagon test drive coming up…

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I don’t have all the paperwork yet, but it looks like a base 4 Motion model.
The only option seems to be the Automatic.

I will be driving this for a week and answer questions you might have.

So far. the 1.8 Liter is (a usual) smoother and quieter than the 2.0 Liter.
While still providing plenty of power.

The whole thing feels pretty basic (cloth) but very solid, well put together. And super roomy.
(You could sleep in the back)

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  1. I enjoyed sitting in the all new All Track. It felt comfortable and very sold. It would be cool to if the base 4 door Golf had awd for the states too.

  2. I want to know about this cars telematics system. Does it have Apple CarPlay and Android for Auto? Is the sound system good or crappy, etc… Real world fuel economy, road noise and how much stuff you can get in the back with the rear seats down. Will a bike fit in the back, etc.. and if it has a real spare tire or one of those crappy inflators.

  3. -The 2018 isn't out yet.
    If they send me one when it is i'll drive it.

    -Old??? How would VW send me an "old" car?

    -It has CarPlay and Android Auto. Stereo sounds good. (Of course not as great as the Fender system since this is a base car)
    I am checking MPG and space in the next ew days.

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