2018 BME 6 series US price announced

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It will start at a bit over $70 000 in the US. For the “basic” 640xDrive model
That’s right, $70 000!!!

That’s over $10 000 more than the 540 xDrive 5 series .
Sure, a few more things are standard. Like 19 inch wheels, air suspension etc…
Still. It will cost you almost $11 000 more to get a hatchback version.
(And for that price, you get a 4 cylinder!)

By next year they will surely complain that “Americans don’t want hatchbacks”.
Many people would want them, they just don’t want to pay an extra $11 000 for it.

The 5 series is very expensive to begin with.

I will report on my test drive of both the 540xDrive and the 530e xDrive I did a few days ago, soon.
Spoiler alert: I thought these cars were way overpriced.
So at over $10 000 more the 6 series GT is a joke.

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  1. Really sad to see this boring four door being called a 6 series. That used to mean a really hot-looking, aspirational car. BMW is really losing it.

  2. My thoughts exactly Vince. They price it out of the market in the US and will claim the model wasn't popular and will cancel it. But did they seriously sell more of these than 6 Series Coupes???

    FYI, why does this cost more than an X6 which starts at $62,000?

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