2018 Buick GL6

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 There is an all new Buick model coming out late November. In China.
Called the GL6.

They already have the GL8 minivan over there. So this, obviously, would be a smaller crossover type thing.
From the spy pictures above, it looks pretty much like a wagon.
But it doesn’t look like the new Regal/Insignia wagon.
So it is something else. Since we are getting the Regal wagon in the US, it looks like the GL6 might stay in China.

Still, I just wonder that it is, Or what it is based on…

 This is from last year. Also showing the “upcoming GL6”.
As you can see, this is a totally different car than the other one above.
This one was actually going to be a Buick version of the Opel Zafira.

And here is the Zafira.

But that wagon pictured on the top photos is not a version of the Zafira.
The Zafira based Buick was obviously an idea that dated prior to Peugeot buying Opel.
So that particular project might have been canceled. (Just  like the next Opel Corsa was pushed back and will now use a PSA platform)

So what we have here might be a Chinese Buick not based on an Opel.
Which hasn’t happen for a while.

I haven’t heard of any wagon type crossover coming from Chevy or even Cadillac  they could use as a base for this.

What do you think???

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