2018 Honda HR-V Hybrid

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Honda is working on a big EV and Hybrid push. 
Not only they are brining a Hybrid version of the CR-V, but why are rumored to bring us also the HR-V Hybrid (pix above)
The Hybrid version is supposed to have around 150HP.
I think a hybrid is a bit late. What they need, at least, is a Plug-in version.
I mean Hyundai just announced a full EV version of the new Kona with 220 miles range for next year!
All they have now as a pure EV is that terrible Clarity with an 80 miles range. Which is a sad joke.
Honda seems way behind…

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  1. I think hybrid is still the way to go. Hybrids may sound old school, but most automakers still have minimal electrification efforts 20 years after the Prius came out. And most people do not have good access to charging stations in their area.

  2. That looks like an Acura, maybe the HR-V equivalent from China? Not sure why Honda would switch to Acura's family gear shift… though the infotainment is all Honda (but oddly, the HVAC is lower rent than the standard touch-sensitive HVAC on the current HRV). Strange.

  3. This is a Chinese XR-V…one of the two versions of the HR-V that Honda sells in China. The rear taillights spreading across the rear, rear reflectors and the round interior vents are all from the XR-V.

    The push button tranny is different – but there is a weird mix of interior bits after that: that's the standard "base" Honda interior set-up and the "base" HVAC controls. If Honda is really releasing a HR-V Hybrid in the US…it won't have "base" equipment. Don't know where the pics come from (as in – what continent they were taken on) but if Honda is updating the HR-V in the US it probably won't happen until MY2019.

    All that being said – the XR-V is probably more attractive than the current HR-V in the US. I'd be OK if they brought over that treatment at the mid-cycle update.

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