2018 Peugeot 508

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 Looks like the next Peugeot sedan will be a hatchback.
At least from these new spy shots. (HERE)
It will match the new Opel Insignia and VW Arteon.
As well as the hatchback version of the Ford Mondeo.
(Except the Mondeo still has a sedan version like our Fusion. And VW still has the sedan only Passat.)

 This is the current version. Looking fine here as an upscale model with big wheels etc…
But most models I’ve seen in Europe are the cheaper ones with small wheels and low end trims.

As you can see, the next one looks pretty sleek next to the current one.
Although that rear headroom seems to be super compromised…

Talk about Peugeot sedans, how a bout a small trip down memory lane with a few pictures of past Peugeot sedans. Many of them actually Italian designs..

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  1. Interesting that you point out the compromised rear headroom due to the new 508's sloping roofline. Unless it's a hatchback (which it should be), the other liability would be a tiny trunk opening. This is the one big reason crossovers are outselling sedans. Crossovers provide the usefulness people are looking for while more and more sedans are nothing but "4-door coupes".

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