2018 Toyota Supra Interior

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Looks like Toyota is pulling a “Fiat 124” with their new Supra.
Basically getting the new Z4 and just redesigning it a bit with a hardtop.
But from these pictures, it seems even less work has been done inside to make it a Toyota. Or a Supra.
It just looks like a BMW.

It’s pretty much what Fiat dis with the Mazda Miata when they turned it into the Fiat 124.
The design is different.  And the interior does have some different parts.
But they are basically very similar cars….

See w=for yourself with all the pictures HERE.

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  1. Poor fit and finish and sloppy ends very low grade materials. Wow Toyota is really cutting corners. I will not buy one. Cheap cheap yuk

  2. A lot of people are guessing that Tesla hasn't gotten anything right on this new model. I say, wait until it's out. At the very least, they may have gotten the name right anyway. "Y" ?

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