2018 VW Polo

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I have to admit, this looks a lot nicer than I ever thought it would.

That camouflage they had on the prototypes spied recently did a great job at hiding just the right parts.
This isn’t futuristic by any means, but even makes the current Golf look old.

I really hope VW finds a way to bring this over here.
But I also realize this would also hurt the Golf a lot in the US.

More on this very soon. But, so far so good!

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  1. Really?
    No snarky comments about HOW THE CARS LOOKS ALMOST EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE OLD ONE? You know, like you do with cars from other brands?
    I get that the Polo isn't sold in the US, but that never stopped you before Vince! I'm starting to think you have a soft spot for VW….

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