2018 VW Tiguan price

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The all new, larger, Tiguan will start at $25 345 in the US.
(Add $1300 for AWD)
Which is just a few hundred dollars more than the Honda CR-V.
You can get a 3rd row of seats for an extra $500 and a glass rood for $1200.
That’s not bad.

The most popular model will probably be the $29 080 SE. Which is a big jump…

And on top of that, there is an SEL model for $32 550 and an SEL Premium for $36 250.

So it goes pretty high.
But again, a fully loaded CR-V is almost $35 000…

The new Tiguan goes on sale in the US this summer. 

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  1. That's actually priced quite appropriately for the segment…as you said, it's possible to get a CR-V for around $35,000 which I'm still trying to comprehend. Kia Sportages can even be had for north of $30,000…..would you ever have imagined that for that model?

  2. The interior is a decent improvement over the last gen, but that exterior is sleep inducing. Those lights and grill at the front looks like straight out of 1987. No thank you!

  3. It's amazing that just 5 years ago a loaded compact crossover would top out barely above $30k. Now they are all $35k+++, for small 4 cylinder crossovers. Crazy, but people are buying them.

  4. The first gen may have had its shortcomings, but I think it looked much better than this very dull looking new gen version.

  5. I saw a white one in Paris last December.
    Very nice in person BUT, its a VW.
    Electric problems and let's not even talk about the resale value.

    I'll pass.
    The CRV is OK, but is a Honda, a good thing.

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