2018 VW Touareg

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The blue car is the T-Prime concept from last year.
Everybody new back then it was a pretty accurate preview of the next Touareg.
And it was…

You can tell that, through the little bit of camouflage left, the Touareg prototype looks pretty much exactly like the Concept.
Like a big Tiguan. So again for VW, nothing original here. Not even remotely.

I still wonder who this is for, not that they have the Atlas.
I mean, sure, the Touareg is a much more upscale thing. But the current model starts at over $45 000!
Or almost $15 000 more than the roomier Atlas!
And almost the exact same price as an Audi Q5 V6.

Even as an upscale VW model, this should start at way under $40 000.

Who knows, maybe this next will…

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