2018/19 Lexus GS????

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Everyone seems to think this is the next Lexus GS.
I really don’t think so.

Firs, the GS is supposed to be cancelled after the current generation. Second, it just doesn’t look like a Lexus, at all.

The proportions are obviously RWD, so this rules the next ES out (Which is based on the Camry)
Unless some new RWD model ends up replacing both the ES and GS?

I think this is something else.
But not sure what….

What do you think???

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  1. That thing is missing the horrible spindle grille so I don't think it's a Lexus. I would say next gen Altima?

  2. Just saw the rest of the pictures, too big to be the next Altima but it definitely doesn't look like a Lexus either.

  3. It's a Hyundai/Kia or Genesis. Maybe the next Genesis G80? It's obviously RWD, but what gives it away is that white sticker on the rear door with the big "2017" on it. If you search "hyundai spy" you'll see identical stickers on their other prototypes.

  4. I think Toyota Crown is the best answer.
    It is RWD, so obviously not the Altima.

    Does not have the Lexus grille. Or Infiniti.
    Genesis also has a very prominent grille they use on everything.

    The Crown makes the most sense….

  5. That front end looks very Hyundaiesque. Look at the 2018 Sonata front end and you'll see similar creases. I agree with the person that said that maybe that's the next G80

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