2019 Mazda RX9

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New rumors about the next Mazda RX. The RX9.
Mazda did say a while ago there was no such car in the near future.

But there are now new rumors. About a concept version being shown in Japan before the end of the year.
And possible both a coupe and convertible production models scheduled for 2019.
with up to almost 450HP.

The bad news is: they are talking about a $70 000 car.

I just hope this is all wrong. This kind of price would be a terrible mistake.
Mazda has been doing great so far, but a $70 000 RX9 would be a joke.

If they want to go back into the sporty coupe, it should be under $40 000.

I hear the next Nissan Z will hold the base price to what it is now (about $32 000)  or even under.

I really don’t need someone to come out with another cool car I can’t afford…

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  1. Ok, but if they are able to keep the weight low, like the 93 rx7, at that kind of power, they could have a bargain supercar on their hands. Kind of like the GTR was when it was first introduced to our market. Have to be optimistic Vince. Being a Mazda, benchmark handling will already be a given besides.

  2. What happened to that Mazda 6 coupe that was teased forever ago? Not holding my breath for this RX-9.

  3. Mazda will soon be defunct. In my opinion you talk to dealers that say the company heads are stubborn and will not adjust to the market. They do not offer good sales programs and are arrogant. Many mazda dealers are arrogant as well. I don't think we will see mazda 5 years down the road.

  4. I am hanging on to my Rx-8 with high hopes of seeing an affordable Rx-9. Make it and at least one person plans to buy (or maybe lease if that price is really correct). The Rx-8 is a fun car to drive especially the manual transmission.

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