More pictures of the new 2018 VW Polo

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It’s cute, but actually not that “all new” looking.
Even though it is.
I guess all German car makers do it somehow. Redesigning the same car over and over.
Still, this would really be all new to us if sold in the US.

The interior is trying to be more fun. The previous Polo interiors were always very serious looking.
Here it’s now very linear (of flat…), similar to VW’s recent concept interiors.

I really thin VW could sell this over here. Ford has sold both the Focus and the Fiesta here for years.
Honda has the Fit and the Civic.

It can be done….

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  1. This turned out quite nice. It has a lot more visual interest than the average VW vehicle. Not sure how many they will sell here since subcompact "cars" (meaning "non-crossover") don't sell particularly well here. When it joins VW's lineup, it will be VW's best looking vehicle by far (or maybe tied with the Arteon, perhaps?). Everything else in VW's lineup is hopelessly dull, unfortunately.

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