New larger Fiat SUV coming up???

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Not sure.
As this grainy picture could be anything…

But I am being told it could be a “larger than 500X” all new SUV/Crossover for Fiat.
Something that would compete better with the CR-V or Mazda CX-5.
Why not.

I guess it would be good for Fiat to get new products. Anything really.
The 500 is so old now. Without a redesign in sight.

The 500L is pretty much a big flop, at least in the US.
The 500X seems to become a little more popular here. At least where I live. (Although 11 712 units sold last year is pretty pathetic)

Maybe something larger will help?

I think some love and care for the brand would help.
Something Mr.Marchionne isn’t willing to do. At all…

Maybe they need someone who actually likes cars ? ( a crazy idea)

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  1. Ok.

    Fiat seems to be such a drag on FCA in America. Reliability is poor and products like the 500L are so subpar. I've never seen a 500X. And I drove and 500 at the local auto show, and that was just awful. FCA is so lost right now. I'm not sure that introducing a Fiat SUV would actually help. Which is sad, because we Americans love our SUVs. FCA has Fiat, Alfa, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Maserati, etc. There's a serious lack of leadership and brand and product focus at the moment. It's sad, because Chrysler seemed to have so much momentum in the 90s before Daimler "merged" with them. I'm still waiting for Fiat to actually help Chrysler with it's platform sharing. The Fiat brand can go home as far as I'm concerned.

  2. It seems that FCA is not able to take care of more than one brand at the same time…after having taking care of Jeep (Renegade and new Compass), they have given some care to Alfa Romeo (Giulia, Stelvio), keeping the next gen. Grand Cherokee somewhere…Lancia have been suicided…what about Dodge, Chrysler or even RAM…only Maserati seems to survive, but for how long?

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