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A few sites have posted pictures of the all new 2018 Jetta earlier today. (Pix HERE)
Since we all know there is an all new one coming out very soon.
The thing is, it doesn’t look like the Jetta.
It’s also way too big for the Jetta.

I posted a picture of the current US Passat under it so we can compare.
And that’s what it looks like: a Passat.
The thing is, it looks exactly like the current model. Not a possible next one.
Which is weird…

Unless they have another facelift in store before an all new model?
But then why cover the whole thing???

What do you think?

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  1. Well, all VW's look kinda alike, so there's no telling without some kind of scale next to it.
    I would say the slope of the rear end is a few degrees different. That would count as a whole new model in VW terms!

  2. You left out of your comments on the Focus that Ford stated in their press release the MY19 Focus will be "larger and more spacious". In addition, the odds of the next generation Fiesta being sold in the United States are slim. The new generation Polo is not coming here. The Chevy Cruze is larger than the Cobalt etc. WSJ covered the Sonic yesterday vs the Chevy Trax.

    Willing to bet VW will take the Jetta up-market in size and price to separate it from the Golf. Note you can buy a $35,000 Alltrak – why not a modern Jetta in the $25 to $35 range? And the Passat? If the Atlas sells well, they will cut back on Passat production to favor the Atlas which is much more profitable (and both of which are made in the same production plant).

    With all due respect, I think you've got it wrong here.

  3. Vince, you do realize that the pics you posted earlier of the alleged Jetta COULD BE THIS VEHICLE under all of that camo, right?

  4. I don't think so. The car above is exactly the same as the Passat. The other Jetta" one has 4 side windows.
    The one above, like the Passat, has 6. (Even with the camouflage it's pretty obvious)
    The car above is just another facelift for the current Passat. Even the wheels are the same.

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