Of course Consumer Reports likes the new Camry

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Consumer reports has been a huge fan of the Toyota Camry for a long time. ( Even though they now recommend the Kia Optima as best mid-sized sedan)
So, of course they would like the new one which is improved in every way.

They are actually pretty well in tune with the average mid sized buyer. Most people want something comfortable, safe, reliable with good resale value. (They are not looking for a BMW.)
And the Camry does deliver.

I have to say, the SE model featured in this video is the worst looking of the new Camrys.
The horrible fake stuff every where is just too much. Giant fake vents in front. Weird fake “something” in black plastic under the real lights. Etc…

I am really not sure Camry buyers are interested in that kind of stuff. So far, previous SE models have been a very subtle sportier looking versions of the Camry.
But this one goes way too far. For something that’s not actually sportier at all.

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  1. Ok.

    This looks like a homerun for Toyota.

    Things I like: it actually has a design, the interior design, new platform, side view mirrors moved to the doors to make the A-pillars slimmer.

    Things I don't like: any of the grill designs (wish it were simpler), the "floating roof" thing on XSE models.

    I think people who wouldn't be caught dead in one of these are now going to shortlist it simply because they actually took time to give it some flair. Can't wait to see what Honda does with the Accord.

  2. Since a comparably equipped Camry will now cost as much as an Acura TLX, I would definitely opt for the TLX instead. Also, I am reading that the new Camry 4-cyl. and hybrid require premium gas.

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