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Very sad news. Lincoln will ruin the MKC for next year.

Yes, as you can see here, the 2018 MKC will receive the horrible grille from the Continental and MKZ sedan. (pictures HERE)
They really ruined the MKZ design by doing this. Forcing this grille into a design where it doesn’t belong at all.
And yes, they are doing it again next year with the MKC.
I think the MKC is a really nice looking SUV. As it is.
The current grille works great with the rest of the car.
I am not sure who at Ford is so in love with the Continental grill that they force it on everything they have. the Continental is just a blah design with vulgar touches here and there, including that terrible grille. (And the million cheapo plastic chrome bits inside)

It is just sad.
Just when Lincoln had finally found a great, classy look for their cars and SUVs.

They had to ruin it….

Maybe they’re hope for Cadillac now. The new XT4 SUV seems to be adopting a grille similar to the Escala concept. Which was a great design.

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  1. Vince I don't think there is any other car topic I can disagree more with you than the new lincoln grille. I think that the last one was hideous, right up there with Acura's shield crap. It made Lincolns look like cheap cars (btw I still think their interiors belong in Hyundais). Now, the new grille looks classy and make their cars look a lot better and upscale. I really believe the new grille is much better than the old one. Now, I still don't see Lincoln on the same tier as BMW, MB, AUDI, Lexus, etc. Maybe they compete with Acura, Infiniti, Genesis, or even Buick. Ford does need to do much more with the Lincoln brand (or kill it) starting with their non-luxury interiors.

  2. I'm going to wait to see the result before I pass judgement. The MKC currently looks pretty sharp; let's hope Lincoln doesn't mess it up.

  3. Totally agree. For some reason the current grill reminds me of Zoidberg from Futurama or Jamie Hyneman

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