2018 Audi A8, already old.

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Audi just unveiled their new flagship A 8 today.
Like the seem to be doing every 8 to 10 years or so.
And every time, it looks a lot like the previous one. Something no one except current owners and car nerds will ever notice on the road.

But this is 2017. And things have changed in the luxury car market.
Mostly due to Tesla.
The Model S still looks more modern than this “all new” Audi. (That’s what good design does)

And there are much more to come! Not only from BMW and Mercedes.
Brand new companies like Lucid Motors will be producing cars far more attractive than this old looking Audi. And of course, there WILL be a new Molde S down the line of course.

Just look at the Air from Lucid Motors.
Hopefully, they will be able to stick two their schedule, which is so far 2018.
And their prices, which could start at around $50 000. Although the version pictured here is the “over $100 000” one.
But still probably cheaper than the new A8!

The current one starts at $83 000!
And a loaded long wheelbase version (Pictured above) tops at above $98 000!

Tesla has shown that wealthy people do want something different. At least the under 80 crowd.
These new brand are not just selling electric cars. They are re-inventing the whole packaging of a car.

Tesla sold almost 30 000 units of the model S last year (And by the way, this is a hatchback. Something idiots keep telling us Americans don’t buy)
-Audi sold 4149 of the A8
-Mercedes did much better with 18 803 of the S Class.
-BMW sold 12 918 units of the 7 series.

So it is fair to say that Tesla has been able to achieve something no other car makers has ever been able to do: crush the German luxury brands at their own game.
And Audi’s response to it is this already old looking 2018 A8…

Sure, they have EVs coming up. Like everyone else.
But these still just look just 10% more modern. They are just more boring cars with an electric motor.

Audi, Mercedes, BMW remind me of the 3 old networks.
Now only watched by older people. While most of us watch much better quality shows on streaming services like Netflix and Amazon.

Will they ever wake up???

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  1. Not everybody wants what you want Vince. Some people (not me) hate the styling of the Tesla and these other EV concepts (that's right, concepts – none of the other brands you mentioned has made it to market yet). Some people like cars that look like slightly modernised versions of their dad's car. You also fail to mention the new A8 takes autonomous tech further than anyone including Tesla has, or the interior that's miles ahead of the model S. You've taken this rant so far that you're completely losing touch with reality – styling taste aside this will be very strong competition for Tesla.

  2. Vince just go to your nearest Lexus dealer, they plenty of overstyled crap there. The original a8 from the 90's still looks better than any modern Japanese car.

  3. It is as boring as a Passat but I appreciate the clean lines and lack of cliched styling cues that look dated in a few years. I am not in the market for this class of car but if I were I would chose this over a BMW or a Mercedes.

  4. -I Agree about the first generation being the best. Just like with the A4. It never got better
    -Cliches styling cues are mostly up front. With that huge grille and chrome bits all over
    -I agree about the Tesla interior. Which is much worse than other cars for the price. Still, at least they are trying. And apparently, some people DO like it. Since they sell about 7 times more units than the A8.
    Less and less people are willing to buy stuff that looks exactly the same as 20 years ago.

  5. I alos think the dash with it's very straight lines and edges, mostly grey colors, that huge shiny piano black plastic middle part incorporating the screen is like a pimped out version of any recent VAG interior, form Seat Ibiza, VW Polo, euro Passat to Audi A4 or Skoda Superb. When we forget the touch screen count for a second, it*'s a rather played out theme that to me also doesn't look overly luxurious.

  6. This latest version is not as good at hiding its inner VW as the previous generation was. With that said, I do like the new steering wheel design and the self driving tech which is one step closer into the future.

  7. Of course one has to wonder how many cars Tesla would have sold without the benefit of tax breaks. And while the exterior is good looking, the interior looks like they forgot to design it until the last minute, then quickly cobbled something together. Like they're not even trying.

  8. new A8 looks conservative and sophisticated full size executive/corporate sedan. If you want something that is polarizing, go for the Lexus LS creation. That is one extreme looking sedan and front end that is hideous looking!

  9. It may not be flashy but in no way does it look old. It has great stance, solid proportions, very refined details. The lights are striking – not overdone like Lexus. Overall, like any new A8, it is a refinement of Audi's trademark styling theme. That's it. I guess if you are wishing for a design revolution, look to new brands and random Chinese upstarts. That's not what Audi is for.

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