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 The Excelle is a Chinese Buick model.
We did have the previous generation here called the Verano, until last year.

The Excelle/Verano were both based on the German Opel Astra.

So of course, when the Astra was redesigned a couple of years ago, China got a new Excelle.
Except this time, the Chinese version got its own design. And it wasn’t sold in the US anymore.

For 2018, the Excelle is getting a new front end, similar to the new Regal.

 As well as this new wagon version. Again base on the Astra.

 Here is the current Excelle. With that older Buick grille.

As you can see here, Buick is also selling a hatchback version .
Which is basically a German Astra with a Buick grille on it.

Kind of weird…

Since Peugeot now owns Opel, I wonder what will happen with all these Chinese Buick models based on Opels.
This is a huge market for GM.
Will they just become rebadged Chevrolets for China?
I can’t imagine GM selling Peugeot cars with a Buick grille.

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  1. The new grille and headlights look much better on the updated Excelle.

    Buick also sells a Verano sedan in China. I don't know for sure, but my guess is that the Verano is a bit upmarket from the Excelle. Still, it seems odd that the same brand would offer two compact sedans in the same market. Apparently, Buick isn't the only brand that offers more than one compact sedan in China (doesn't Ford offer an Escort sedan in addition to the Focus sedan?).

    I'm assuming GM will develop its own replacement compact sedan for Buick of China on its compact platform when the current gen comes to an end. GM's compact platform isn't staying with Opel, so GM is free to use it as needed. The next gen Opel Astra will be developed on a Groupe PSA platform and it will no longer be related by design or platform to any future GM vehicle. Since the US version of the Cruze sedan is different from the Chinese version (I'm assuming that the US version is probably more upmarket than the Chinese version), I wonder if GM will simply fit the next gen US Cruze with a Buick grille and sell it in China under the Buick brand. Since the Verano is being discontinued in the US market, GM is not under any pressure to develop a separate compact sedan for Buick in the US. The Chinese market Cruze would continue to be a compact sedan for developing markets while the next gen US Cruze/Chinese Verano would be a slightly premium compact sedan for mature markets. Basically GM would develop two compact sedans; a less expensive one for developing markets and an upmarket one for mature markets and Buick of China. This is just conjecture on my part, though.

  2. What a geriatric, bland a$$ design. I'm surprised they didn't throw some fender skirts at the rear wheel wells.

    Some day the Chinese will come to their senses. And when they do maybe GM can just die for God sakes.

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