2018 Buick Regal GS

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The already good looking new Regal looks really good with the GS option.
Larger 19 inch wheels, a slightly more aggressive front end.
No spoilers, no black wheels or huge side skirts.

It comes with a 3.6 Liter V6 and a 9 speed auto.
It does start at $40 000 though… Which is a strongly huge premium over the standard model.

Speaking of that standard model.
It will start at $26 000. Which seems a great deal for a European sedan.
It is $2000 less than the outgoing model And only $2000 more than a Camry LE.

You get a 250HO engine, a hatch and an 8 speed auto.
A true German sedan (Still made in Germany) for the price of everything else…
Or a US/Chinese Passat.

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  1. Decent car that may be talked about a lot, but not followed by the sales numbers similar to Mazda 6.

  2. So Buick has completely taken over where Oldsmobile and Saab left off. They stole the "not my father's Oldsmobile" schtick from Olds and stole the idea of borrowing a German chassis to build hatchback turbo cars. It didn't work out so well for those brands. Luckily Buick has the China sales to prop it up.

  3. I'm glad GM decided to bring over the hatchback but that black plastic triangle around the rear window can only be described as "assy"

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