Ultimate 2018 Honda Accord “BurlappVison” video

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The title says it all.
There is just no better way to experience the all new Accord.

It does have more personality than before, and the “bog Civic” design seems to work.
Still, I think the Mazda 6 is a much more mature and simple design, inside and out.

The new Accord interior seems impressive, but without a real styling direction.
And, this design is really begging to be a hatch….

I mean it’s almost ridiculous to basically design a hatchback car and force a small trunk opening into it.

You can watch the video directly on Youtube over HERE

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  1. Design looks like a melding of the Malibu and Sonata. The front end will take some getting used to but maybe it looks better in person.

  2. It just amazes me how this hilarious, out of place car is the bomb. Especially after you criticized the Accura metal band on the front before. Now it becomes acceptable. I gladly pay $20k more for a car that drives better and looks great in 10 years.

  3. Fugly exterior.
    I'll take the 2018 Toyota Camry any given day over this disaster model, yes, that bad.

  4. Nothing is going to make the new Accord even remotely attractive. In fact this video makes it looks even more homely.

  5. I agree, the 6 looks better inside and out imo, but it is at least closer this time around. I think Honda will raise the bar in Performance/efficiency and tech/packaging as well, at least until Mazda responds with a new 6. Not a fan of the new Camry, however I am glad to see the reviews are favorable. Should make for some interesting comparison tests.

  6. I'm not a fan of this redesign. I predict Acccords sales will drop and Hionda will end up doing a moderate redesign in a few years

  7. …because America really needed 1 more 6-window, 4-door, fastback… late to the party; but still invisible.

  8. What's up with the cold war/communist dictatorship style intro? And yes.. it's the illegitimate child of sonata/malibu alley raping.

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