2018 Hyundai i30 Fastback

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While our Elantra is only offered as a sedan, its European cousin comes not only as a hatchback and a wagon, but now we have this all new “Fastback”.
Another form of hatchback.

And while the regular Euro hatchback is sold here as the Elantra GT, there is no word so far about this one making it to the US.
That might just be a case of too many hatchbacks. Even for Hyundai.

It reminds me of Toyota back in the 80’s. When they used to offer a multitude of body styles on the Corolla.

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  1. "While our Elantra is only offered as a sedan…" "While the regular hatchback is sold here as the Elantra GT…"

  2. I wish they would bring this here, especially an N performance variant. It could be a budget Audi A7. The N performance Hatch has been unveiled and comes packed with Civic Type R performance features, minus the ugly.

  3. I energetically agree that Hyundai needs to get that car to North America, with the same well-tuned suspension (not the "softer" rides most American drivers no longer like). Just swap out the current Elantra for this one, which would make a far better competitor to the Honda Civic and forthcoming updated Ford Focus. With Genesis-linked engineering now moving into the lower range models, Hyundai is doing well to make it a more formidable alternative for price-conscience, quality-minded buyers. I've owned just about every make and model of car in that class size over the years, and I really liked the 2017 Elantra that some idiot totalled while I was stopped at a red light. May have to lease another one, instead of buying, until the hatch comes our way!

  4. Wow! This car has all the personality that the current Elantra sedan lacks. Hyundai should definitely bring this little beauty to the US market. The regular hatchback can be christened "Elantra GT Liftback" and this slick looking number could be named "Elantra GT Fastback". Heck, I would even give the good looking wagon some exterior cladding, a slight lift, and optional all wheel drive to create an "Elantra GT Crossback".

    The regular Elantra sedan needs a mid cycle restyling as soon as possible. It looks very pedestrian when compared to its i30 platform mates.

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