2018 Mercedes GLC-L

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 Now there is also a long wheelbase version of the Mercedes GLC. In China.
Where there seem to be longer versions of all cars.

As you can see, there is quite a difference inside (L version on top)
Which is actually really nice. Why not do this in the first place??

Volvo is now only importing the long version of the S9- sedan in the US for the 2018 model year.
Which gives it quite an advantage over cars like the Mercedes E-Class or BMW 5 series.
With their average rear seat room.

 I can’t really tell the difference outside (L version prototype on top)
So it’s not ruining the design at all. (Just like in the S90)

There is really nothing wrong with a spacious back seat in an expensive car.

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  1. If German Mfg's ever start offering the LWB versions in the USA I will probably switch back to Mercedes/BMW mid-size sedans. Until then…I'll stick with Cad & Lincoln. Why is it that they sell LWB cars in a country where men are 5'2" tall but NOT in a country where men are 6'2" tall…and some are over 6'5" ???? < I think they're missing an opportunity !!! >

  2. Anonymus: Because the back seat of a luxury car in America is mostly unused, but the back seat of an expensive car in China is where the owner sits.

  3. The GLC is plain Jane from upside. Nice place to sit inside. I agree with the comment about the back seat going unused here.

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