2018/19 Ford Focus sedan

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We’ve all seen spy pictures of the new hatchback, but there will be a sedan as well.
Which is still very popular in some market, like the US.
(Even though I rarely see one where I live…)

You can see the grille through the camouflage, and it looks a lot like the Fusion. Of course.

As for the rest of the car, it seems just OK so far. They are not going to re-invent anything.
The interior will be inspired (a lot) by the all new Fiesta.

Head hover HERE for all the pix of the new Focus Sedan. 

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  1. Looks. good. Definitely not reinventing style or anything. Grill seems like a copy of the current Fusion grill, which is fine. Looks a lot bigger. I do like the rear door windows, which seem to extra large. Perhaps rear quarter visibility is making a comeback with the new Focus. I'm just happy this appears to be an all new car, given Ford's decades of history with milking multiple generations off the same platform (which continues with the new Fiesta being built on the 10 year old chassis and looking identical to the old model).

  2. Rear door glass looks like last year's Lincoln MKS — which is good. Probably the only good aspect of the MKS's design. (Differentiates it from the generic 6-window fastback Fusion/Sonata/Legacy/Chrysler 200/Impala/Malibu/etc. greenhouses).

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