2019 Ford Escape

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No, this is not the real thing.
We’ve only seen a few pictures of a test mule around. So the new Escape is not “around the corner”.
A new Focus will come first.

Since they will be based on the same platform, I just wonder if the US Escape will be built in China as well.
And if, eventually, Ford will just be making trucks in the US…

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  1. I am hopeful that Ford will move on from the upswept belt line of the current Escape (and every other crossover and small hatchback) after seeing the prototypes of the new Focus. I'd like to see the Escape move back towards the blockier style of the previous generation, which would fit in with the (hopefully) styling of the new Bronco.

  2. …i think this look would be a much nicer and bit aggressive improvement over the current Escape….i mean i think the current vehcle looks very handsome, but the front end styling is a tad soft looking..too much like its big brother Ford Edge. Or at least if ford made the turbo escape front end more aggressive to make it feel like it is the special edition of the escapes. I hope the escape also gets a better looking dash…something more interesting and classy along the lines of the newest mazda cx9, the dodge journey or the newest jeep compass.

  3. Moving the production of the Escape to China would backfire, it's a better seller than the Focus and moving another models production for NA would look negatively on Ford here in the States.

  4. 1) The Escape will not move production to China, it's solidly profitable being made in Louisville.
    2) Ford should NEVER "make the Escape more blocky " to resemble the Bronco. Escape is a CUV, not a truck. And – Bronco will be a heritage design with modern cues, ala Mustang. It will be Ford's next icon product.

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