Audi Q6 E-tron

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Seems like at every auto show in the world, there is a new E-tron concept from Audi.

It looks like VW is very eager to compete with Tesla, and Audi is its best bet to go after that Luxury EV market.
(While VW itself will take care of competing with the Model 3)

Both concepts above look the same to me. H-tron and E-tron.
Above them is the actual production version.
Which does stay pretty close to both concepts.
Except they did raise the roof quite bit. So now it looks more like a regular A4 wagon. Which is too bad….
This will probably become another invisible design from Audi.
While the upcoming Model Y from Tesla will surely stand out…

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  1. July 21 2017… hour ago.

    German automakers colluded over diesel emissions.
    German Cartel…huge trouble. Cheaters, not engineers.

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