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This is such a great idea. It also shows what brand new small car manufacturers can do. 

Something the giant established car companies are afraid to. Or just can’t think of…

This seems like an original Bronco/Hummer/International truck/Jeep all rolled up into one really cool truck.

A 21 century take on the classic American truck reborn as an EV.

(Why couldn’t Ford or GM think of something like this???)

The Bollinger B1 even has a range of 120 or 200 miles (Probably more than the next Leaf…)

With 360HP!

At 150 inches long, it is about a foot shorter than a 2 door Wrangler. But about 3 inches wider.

You can go on the Bollinger site now, but will have to wait until next year to put your $1000 deposit for one.

I also hear about a $60 000 price. Which I think is a lot.

But you do get something very special, and extremely useful as a truck.

I think this is quite amazing, and I really wish Bollinger Motors the best.

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  1. Even though it looks like something you'd find in Ikea (if Ikea sold cars), I like that you can see out if it.

  2. Love all the spars utility and simplicity and not skimping on what look to be luxurious seating!

  3. Looks more dangerous than Ralph Nader's worst nightmare! I'll wait for the IIHS & US GOV crash tests, thank-you!

  4. THIS is what the EV market needs. To prove that it's not a market solely for "coastal elites", or that you have to sacrifice performance for environmental impact. EVs have been pigeonholed by many as these leftist eco-friendly Hillarymobiles. This breaks that mold. This ain't no Prius. No Leaf. No Volt. This is an unapologetic, bare bones–and electrically charged–SUV.

    EVs can be just as rugged as the most 'roided out Hummer. They can be even be more "trail-ready" than the most well-equipped Wrangler.

    I love this. It removes the absurd conceit that electric=weak and gas=strong. To whomever designed this vehicle–THANK YOU.

  5. The design is more of an early 80's Land Rover Defender 90 as it has round lights, no modern saftey features and school metal shop looks. For that price aluminium would be the way to go. Making it lighter will also make it go beyond the 200 mile ranger mark which will then give it the advantage.

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