First official pictures of the production Tesla Model 3

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Of course, since we have seen uncovered prototypes driving around for month, the design has zero surprise.
And that interior is as spartan as expected.
The dash has its own futuristic/weird style while the doors look like they are from a Jetta.

A far as official specs, it looks like there will be 2 models offered .
A standard version with 220 miles range which starts at $35 000.
While a 310 miles version is $9000 more.

Only six colors are available. But unless you take the standard black, they are all a $1000 option.
(Which is just as ridiculous as it is obnoxious)
And if you don’t like the cheapo looking dark wheels, the other ones are a $1500 option (!)

That wood on the dash is part of a $5000 premium package that includes a premium sound system, tinted glass roof, premium materials and power seats.

So it looks like the $35 000 car will be rather plain…
A well equipped one is actually around $42 500. Which is about $32 500 after incentives (in California).
Or the same price as a super basic and super boring BMW 3 series.
So it’s not bad.

More pictures very soon….

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  1. Next Nissan Leaf , due out soon from the worlds largest manufacturer of automobiles will decimate this dud

  2. Man, there is miles of glass in that thing. Vince, do you know if the sunroofs have any kind of retractable shade? I'd imagine all that glass would get especially irritating on a really sunny day. Plus, imagine all the work having to clean that glass.

  3. All of you can make fun of this, but I really dig the entire idea about it. My only gripe is that if I were to order one, there is no chance of getting a tax credit as it's too late. And like Mini, once you start to add options it becomes pointless to stay in that car size category where you can get a less expensive model that's a bit bigger with more stuff.

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