How about another picture of the 2018 Nissan Leaf

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That one is even grainier than the others.
Still, we can see the major changes, and a more modern/aggressive shape.

Nothing yet bout the range.
The current one is 107 miles.
Prices, before incentives,  start at $30 680 and go up to $36 790 for the SL model.
If there is a big bump in range, I would expect a bump in price too…

I drove the Leaf a while ago and liked it. (Except for the dangerous/super slow Eco mode)
It is peppy enough, comfortable and roomy. And the interior is very modern without feeling too cold.

Many parts of that interior will be carried over to the 2018 model. Which I think won’t matter to happy owners who wish to upgrade to something newer.
It’ll probably be “new enough’ for them.

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  1. Sexy all new Leaf. Very excited about the worlds best electric car from the world largest manufacturer

  2. OK since they basically used the same car that already existed for 6 years, maybe a 200 mile version can be had for around 35k since the development was in the powertrain and costmetic enhancements.

    The base interior was sad in the old one. The upgraded was already looking outdated with a weak LED screen. Mine was fun, but it definitely felt like a econobox with an electric drivetrain. Nothing special about it.

  3. Nissan is currently, first 6 months of this year, in the Nissan Renault group, the world's largest automaker

  4. I agree they did quite a good job considering they used the same car.
    And the EV range is what will make the difference.

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