How about more pictures of the Tesla Model3?

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 Still not officially out.
But they’ve been around for a while. And people are still taking pictures.

Again, that interior (Better pix HERE) isn’t for everyone….
The “floating iPad on top of a flat empty dash” look might turn quite a few people off.

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  1. The outside of the car looks modern and has a sleek design.
    But what a strange idea to put a "iMac" screen on the top of the cockpit?
    Interior looks like a "Design Studio" than a car interior.
    It should be redesigned as soon as possible.

  2. If they are going to get rid of all the dials and only have a flat screen, they seriously need to have a heads up display on the windshield with speed, fuel level, etc.

  3. Let me guess; it costs $1495.00 to fix the floating pc screen every time you catch something on a protruding corner of it.

  4. I also like the idea of something modern and minimalist.
    But sometimes that comes out as just plain cheap.

    We'll have to see official pictures of the real thing.

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