More pictures of the Mercedes X-Class

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 So this is NOT coming to the US, and we a re probably not missing much.

The production version looks pretty lame when compared to the concept we saw last year.
Sure, it’s a pick-up truck. But it is also a Mercedes, and will likely be priced above anything else in its segment.
I actually think the Nissan Navara looks better (Above). And by the way, Nissan needs to get their act together and bring this over as the new Frontier.
Before everyone forgets about the Frontier….

 From the rear, the production model makes the concept looks futuristic. Which is kind of sad.

The interior actually looks pretty much the same, except for a few trims and color bits.
And it is still kind of a mess.

Again, I don’t think we are missing much. I think the VW Amarok and Nissan Navaro (and its Renault Cousin) all look much nicer than this.

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  1. Ever since this car was announced, I had assumed it was specifically for the US. If it's not even going to be sold there, then I don't quite understand who it is aimed for. Ah, I guess fat cats from Dubai and China who missed out on the Hummer and want some "butch" vehicles for their collections…

  2. It is funny that what is considered to be the "Best Mercedes" of all time is NOT a Mercedes but actually a Nissan pick up truck!!!!!!, Man, this is not any good for loyal brand purists!!!

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