Very first Tesla Model3 production model

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Tesla twitted this last night, describing it as the first production Model 3.

We’ve seen hundreds of pictures of prototypes driving around, so no surprises.

What is surprising is the total lack of official unveiling.
There is no press, no official pictures (Except these phone pix).
Nothing about the specs, interior, pricing etc…

I know all they will be doing during the next 2 or 3 years is fill out the many previous orders.
So they’re not really in a hurry to sell more.
Still. It’s a bit weird…

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  1. You have a spelling error. Very first, not forst. I agree it's surprising to see the lack of photos or press for the first vehicle off the assembly line.

  2. Elon has said the launch party will be July 28; so all the details will be released then

    This is more a quick celebration to let people know that they've officially started production.

  3. boring….seems like all the lux automakers are going small medium large with no design changes….boring…yawn

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