2018 Acura TLX-L

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Just a couple more pictures of that long wheelbase version of the Acura TLX.
And why not.
I think it would have been a better move for them to bring this over, than spend the money in a RLX ugly facelift.
Just like Infiniti did a couple of years ago. By offer ing a LWB version of the Q70, instead of a larger model.
Acura is not really seen as a luxury brand. The $55 000 RLX is being considered by no one.
But a $1500 LWB option on the $33 000 TLX would make a lot more sense…
Maybe I could start another KickStarter (my first one is to buy Chrysler/Dodge from Sergio) to acquire Acura from Honda. Since they are not doing that much with it.
(I could hire this good Chrysler or Fiat designers Marchionne is not using. )
Why not…

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  1. Again, Acuras are fine, capable vehicles with so-so designs. Those who are more interested in impressing the Joneses next door will buy junk like Mercedes, BMWs and Escalades.

  2. These really feel a lot like Oldsmobiles… I think the Acura brand has become irrelevant even to Honda, and is hanging around like an albatross. Maybe Honda is shuffling unwanted or poorly performing executives there as holding place until they retire or can dissolve the division. Kind of like what happened to Oldsmobile….
    That NSX needs to be rebranded as a Honda, and Acura needs to become a Honda "trim level" at most.

  3. They always needed to get their shit together and design a proper v8 powered RWD biased RLX as well as a BMW 3-series style sedan as well as probably a V8 powered CUV to slot above the MDX.

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