2018 Hyundai Santa Fe

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I know, this looks like a terrible illustration.

Such a weird, heavy handed design.
We don’t want that for the next Santa Fe, right?

Well, when you compare it to actual pictures of the next Santa Fe, that illustration looks pretty close.

I mean, the whole front end is almost spot on. Unfortunately…

Hyundai has actually not been doing that great lately, and I think it is mostly because of their new designs which seem to most a step back from previous versions.

The current Santa Fe still looks fine. This would not be a step forward…

Head over HERE for more pictures of the prototype.

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  1. I do have the unfortunate impression that currently most new Hyundai/Kia models look kind of less attractive or older than the car they replace. a shame given how many comparably good looking vehicles they were offering recently.

  2. What happened to Hyundai? For years, they ripped off everyone else's style, with moderate results, then did their own original design, which sold great and others started to copy, and now they are back ripping off other people. This looks like a big, bloated, ugly rip off of a Volvo. Sad!

  3. If they got rid or considerably shrunk those huge light assemblies it would not be so bad, but as is it looks terrible.

  4. NO, what are they doing with this fugly thing??? I've always hated that eyes below eye brow look. The ONLY application in which this worked was the Juke…not Cherokee, not Kona, not this! Hyundai was headed toward great styling…unless they are trying really hard with the Genesis GV-Series so that angry potential customers move up, instead of out.

  5. This is seriously going to hurt their sales. Santa Fe's core audience is families and they will hate that hideous front.

  6. The so-called "modern" Hyundai's of 2010-2014 were VERY poor sellers in our state & surrounding states. The current ( 2015-2017 ) like Sonata, for instance have been selling like crazy ever since the more "conservative' redesign. ESPECIALLY the higher priced premium versions (which are the more profitable models anyway) I myself bought–as my first ever Asian vehicle–a 2015 Hyundai brand new; … just because I liked the looks so much more than anything else in the "under $40k" price range! I suspect that the "silent majority" of more conservative buyers is much larger than the "ricer fanboys" would ever imagine–and that's WHY Hyundai is laughing all the way to the (South Korean) bank !!!

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