2018 Infiniti QX50

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First pictures of the all new Infiniti QX50 interior HERE.

And it already looks really nice. Also, very very close to the concept we saw last year.
Inside and out. Which is good.
Let’s just hope the “classy/subtle” looking wood trim from the concept is available in the production version (The pic above shows a metal finish instead)

The only weirdness to me is the double screen. Just like in the Q50.
I’d rather have one larger screen on top. But, that’s just me…

At lest they left a few knobs. Which is great.

Here is the concept interior. (most of it seems to have made the translation to production)
Which seems a really nice place to travel.

Much more pictures, of the interior as well as the exterior, HERE.

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  1. This or the Volvo XC60 will be my next vehicle in about 6 months, I love the look of this. Great job Infiniti.

  2. I hope they do something to improve the horrendous mileage of the old model. That thing drank more gas while coasting than an F350 hauling a 40 ft boat up the Grapevine mountains.

  3. I agree about the current/previous model. I test drove one a few years ago. It was really a pleasure to drive (Drove it up to San Francisco and back)
    But I was never able to get over 23MPG on the freeway. Which was the worst ever.
    The new one will have their 2.0 Liter engine used on the Q50 sedan. And probably the 3.0 V6 as an option.
    So things should be much, much better.

    Let's just hope it is as nice to drive as the current one.

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